The following tips will help you maximize and get the best results from your massage therapy session:

Before your massage session
+ Drink plenty of water the day before and following each massage.
+ Avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine and fizzy drinks as they can dehydrate you and add more toxins to your body. This would reverse the effects of the massage, since the massage is in-turn aiding the body in removing the accumulation of toxins.
+ Before the massage avoid eating a heavy and especially spicy meal so your body can focus on natural healing and detoxifying itself.

During your massage session
+ Each therapist has a different style and pressure, please be sure to communicate any discomfort with pressure and/or draping during your session. Open communication between you and the massage therapist is a key element to a successful massage session for you and your massage therapist.

After your massage session
+ Drink plenty of water for 24 hours after your massage as your lymph nodes, which have been stimulated, are removing toxins from the body.
+ Applying ice for 10-20 minutes to sore areas can help decrease inflammation.
+ A warm Epsom salt bath will relax muscles and help detox the body.
+ Rest. Avoid vigorous exercise after your massage. Take a nice walk if you feel you need to help stretch your muscles.